Lidl Supermercados S.A.U.
Consultant in the Personnel Social Department
Year of graduation: 2016

“The completion of a dual career combining theory and practice has allowed me to apply the knowledge I acquired at college within the company. The small groups of students encouraged intensive training adapted to my needs. Obviously, to work and study at the same time requires a high level of effort and dedication, but, in my case, this has been worthwhile because the University degree has secured me a job as a consultant. In conclusion, my experience during the studies were extremely positive, useful and recommendable.’With effort and perseverance you can achieve your goals’”.


Bayer Hispania S.L.
Brand Manager Jr.
Year of graduation: 2014

“For me, the dual studies were a great combination of theoretical and practical experience. Dual studies allow you to get much closer to the reality of work and find the true usefulness of what you are studying. You benefit much more from theory by being able to apply it directly to practice.”

simon_von_sassSIMON VON SASS

Bayer Hispania, S.L.
Senior Brand Manager
Master: Executive MBA ESADE, Sept 2013-Jan 2015
Year of graduation: 2012

“Studying at the EDU gave me the opportunity to enter early into practice and find my career path. Passing through several departments helped me not only gain experience and get to know the areas I like most, but also allowed me to meet numerous executives and finally get a job, despite the difficult situation in Spain at the time.”

jan_konpfle2JAN KNÖPFLE

PhD: Economics, University of Bonn, Germany , 2015 – present
Postgraduate studies: Economics, University of Bonn, Germany , 2013 – 2014
Year of graduation: 2012

“The close link between EDU and numerous international companies gives students an extensive and useful network of contacts, which along with very solid theoretical training and practice, ensures a successful entry into the labour market.
EDU also has a highly motivated teaching staff and maintains a direct relationship with students. One factor that makes this possible is that the number of students per course is always relatively small. This also allows a flexible education that is tailored to the needs of students and to their practical training in companies.”